Sakarya Integrated Solid Waste Plant (SEKAY)

Sakarya Integrated Solid Waste Plant (SEKAY)


SEKAY Shoring Projects and Soil Improvement Works
Siyah Kalem Eng.Cons.Ind.&Tra.Co.Inc.
Sakarya, Adapazari
Bored Pile, Mini Pile, Soil Nail

At first, a soil investigation was carried out as part of the geotechnical design process and geotechnical projects were prepared accordingly. Based on the projects, a permanent slope of height H = 25 m was reinforced using soil nails and applying shotcrete. A reinforced concrete slab with two rows of bored piles was constructed as a foundation slab for a geosynthetically stabilised earth (MSE) wall of height H= 8.5 m. Additionally, bored piles and micro piles were applied as soil improvement works for different retaining wall units in the facility.
Within the scope of the project, 10,700 m of soil nails, 8,500 m² of shotcrete, 650 m of 65 cm diameter and 1,250 m of 80 cm diameter bored piles were completed.
Embankment and solid waste slope stability analyzes were performed as part of the capacity increase project in the 1st Lot Landfill Area.
Full-scale field experiments were carried out to examine the behavior of the deep excavation with shoring system in weathered rocks on site. In this context; a soil nailed shoring section was created with a height of H = 8.0 m. All nails were equipped with strain gauge and the load changes on the nails as a result of the sudden loading during and after the excavation were examined. In addition, various techniques such as inclinometer, pressure cell, load cell and optical readings with reflectors were used in the experiment.

Services given:

Soil InvestigationGeotechnical DesignSoil ImprovementShoring Systems

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