Our firm got started in 2000 in Istanbul with its team of civil engineers specialized in the field of geotechnical engineering.


  • takes accuracy and reliability as its basis in soil contracting practices, generates economical solutions and adds value to projects;
  • focuses on both moral and material satisfaction of all its employees and attaches big importance to teamwork and team spirit;
  • is an exemplary firm leading the way both for its employees and the market;
  • is a rooted firm with extensive experience in engineering and implementation aiming to grow by supporting its experience with human resources and machinery park;
  • works with international clients and conforms to international criteria;
  • aims to expand to international markets and to create new clients and new markets;
  • always aims to fulfill the contracts it undertakes on high level standards both in terms of quality and occupational safety.


  • Bora BERK

  • Osman PEKARUN


  • Arif ÇINAR, Ph.D.

  • Uğur TEKCAN

  • Anıl YENİ

  • Cemre Cenan CİVCİK

  • Murat YILDIZ

  • Furkan Veli ÖZÇELİK

  • İbrahim ÖÇAL

  • Veysel ÖZLÜ

  • Ahmet ALTUNDAĞ

  • Sibel KELEŞ

  • Zeki GÜNGÖR




Our Quality Policy

In order to fulfill successful geotechnical contracting applications, modern and proper machinery and equipment pools, a reliable and experienced field team and a staff of engineeers specialized in materials science, soil and fluid mechanics are needed.

Our Environmental Policy

Geobos, as a leading and exemplary construction company in geotechnical applications, aims to minimize the environmental damage by taking national environmental legislation and standards as the basis. For this purpose:

  • Planning is carried out to eliminate possible damages through correct analysis of environmental conditions during soil investigation and project design;
  • Utmost importance is attached to giving the least damage to natural resources and to use them in the most efficient way;
  • The effect of all types of waste produced during implementation on the environment is tried to be minimized;
  • It is aimed to raise environmental awareness in all our employees and contractors and to maintain this awareness.

Our Occupational Safety Policy

Geobos, set out with an understanding that values people and keep them on focus to achieve its zero-defect objective. The company seeks to create a safe working environment by abiding by occupational health and safety rules. For this purpose:

  • It is aimed to raise occupational health and safety awareness in all our employees and contractors and to maintain this awareness;
  • Occupational health and safety training is provided to all our employees in a way conforming to relevant laws and standards and the process is monitored with periodical checks;
  • Necessary measures are taken to predetermine the factors that may cause occupational accidents and illnesses and to eliminate those factors.



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